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02.02.2011 16:01, Ray Broms E-mail :
Hello Jan, I am enjoying your site very much. It is well organized and covers a lot of unusual Russia. I used to collect this but now just go through my album from time to time. I have an overprint on the first Russian semi-postals that I can not find ( a diagonal). I assume that it is common but I can not find it. I could not include a scan. Thanks, Ray.[img]

16.01.2011 01:56, edardo E-mail Homepage :
Hello you, my name is Edward Quinn of Chile, where should I send whiskey labels produced in Chile, I have several labels that can serve

25.08.2010 20:09, Defour Gabriel from Belgium E-mail :

I see you are loocking for old whisky labels ,I have
plenty old not used ,you will contact me for more

14.08.2010 08:01, Ranjeet Bordoloi from Assam E-mail :
Can you please help me to identify the Rissian stamps in the scan. I have recently got them from my friend. These stamps are not in the Scott catalogue. By the way how can I send my stamp scan?

01.08.2010 13:27, ivan from adelaide australia E-mail :
I collect only TUBERCULOSIS SEALS ,I need any you have from RUSSIA can you help.

14.07.2010 23:11, mira from belgrade E-mail Homepage :
Dear respested Ms Jan Langenberg
meny greatings from Mira @ Lidija,
her dother leave in Belgrade .bay

13.07.2010 12:27, Erik Romeijn from Horlogemaker E-mail Homepage :
Hallo Jan

jij bent bijkbaar ook geinterreseerd in klokken

24.06.2010 07:44, Robert Novosad E-mail Homepage :
Many stamps and covers were added to eshop on

02.05.2010 11:55, Ingo Maahz E-mail Homepage :
Hallo Jan, here is the "Navicula", an association of maritime philatelists, a ship stamp group (and lighthouses, ports, cannels, and other more). We work in contact with Argentinia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Czechia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slowakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. With Greetings, I.Maahz

24.04.2010 10:26, constance from Romania E-mail :
Dear Collector
I'm deeply interested for Yvert/Michel stamps catalogues,dvd-type,could you help me ?
I can offer stamps according with your wish.
Best regards

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Entries: 162
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