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Entries: 162
21.04.2010 16:47, victor martinez E-mail :
i have some stamps may you wanted to see

02.03.2010 12:42, Angel Tejón G. E-mail :
NICE WEB PAGE AND INTERESTING..I will help you to identify some of the rare stamps you mention here.I will send to you a request to value on Specialized Hungary Catalog: imperforated!! MiNr.3 HUNHARY stamp Franz Joseph I 5 Kr...rose.
Philatelic Regards..Angel.(SPAIN).

22.02.2010 13:16, Roland van den Bogaard from Deurne / Nederland E-mail :
Seen your website. Very nice. I collect also stamps with lighthouses. I am an experienced collector of other topics and just beginning with lighthouses on stamps. Maybe we can trade sometime. See also my website for my collection and other information.

17.09.2009 14:51, nebojsa E-mail :
40years old,for sale.

17.09.2009 14:47, nebojsa E-mail :
special reserve
aged 12 years
a particular blend of finest scotch whisky
long john macdonald

29.06.2009 12:09, Carlos Alberto Oliveira from Lisboa- Portugal E-mail :
A very beautifull site.For a small and apprentice colector like me,was very interesting and educative,navigate on your pages. Tank's by the contribute that you give to the philately.Bye bye.My compliments to you,from Portugal.

26.06.2009 11:25, Arkady from Uzbekistan E-mail :
Hi, Jan. I have hardcopy two books , first katalog zemstva Chuchin 1923 y. second Russkaya pochna v Imperiya , Turkey and Chine and Poland by Prigara printed New-York 1941y
If You interesting write me

03.04.2009 16:02, Bill Cadzow from Ottawa ON Canada E-mail :
Jan.. Your site is just incredible, and as a lover of single malt scotch, I have always been intrigued by the personality of Joseph Hobbs. At one point he owned more whisky distilleries than Diago, one of which was Lochside and he created Sandy MacNab's Blended Scotch. There was always a poem on the bottle label in Praise of Sandy MacNab and I've been looking for it for months, can you find a copy for me?

01.03.2009 19:28, Franky E-mail :
very good con papas fritas !!![b]

15.02.2009 20:12, Jeff Turnbull E-mail Homepage :
Hello Jan,
I have found your site very interesting, and note your interest in possible exchange.
I have many perfins of your interests also revenues from Hugary & Russia and Russian posatge stamps to excahnge. if you are interested please email me and I will send you scans.
sincerely Jeff T.
GB Perfin Society.

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Entries: 162
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